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Daycare & Boarding

The Clubhouse: A Home Away From Home

Daycare Daily Rate starting at $65/day

Our facility, affectionately known as the Clubhouse, is open weekdays between 8am - 8pm and weekends 10am - 8pm.

From the start, Beast Masters saw the need for a comfortable, safe, and most importantly, a home-like haven. We designed the Clubhouse to fulfill this goal, with the dogs as the center of attention. We have two main dog rooms, the Lounge and the Ruckus Room, separating dogs based on energy, and temperament levels. 


'The Lounge' is our calm zone. Lined with plush leather couches, this area provides a calm and relaxing environment for any dog who likes to hang out, nap, or engage in light play. 


'The Ruckus Room' is our fun-zone! This is where our puppies and playful dogs hang out. A monitored open area where our dogs can expel their extra energy, while also engaging in social communication. Even in our playroom, we encourage our dogs to regulate their play, a skill which our team and more mature dogs teach our younger pups. We aim to entertain our dogs, without causing unnecessary chaos, stress, and over-exhaustion.

 All dogs receive walks throughout the day, and feeding and medication can be administered upon request. Every member of our team knows and connects with each dog on a personal level, which allows us to monitor any health or behavioral changes. All dogs receive a behavioral assessment on their first day. We are selective in order to prevent overcrowding. We foster an environment in which our dogs to feel confident and communicate efficiently in a stable and stress-free environment. 


We are not only here for the dogs, but our dog owners as well. We aim to provide not only a second home for your canine but a family and support system for you, a canine parent. We strive to create a lasting bond and relationship with each of our clients. We believe that the best relationships are built on communication, honesty, and support. 

Inside-Big group
Inside - Group
Inside - Gorgi
Inside - group 2
Inside- Roq
Good looking bunch
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